Visiting Chandigarh: 10 Things You Can not missed out on when in Awesome Chandigarh

It is one of the most beautiful cities in India and there’s absolutely no dearth of things to do in Awesome Chandigarh. The best part of the city is that you can totally flip a switch and do an exactly opposite thing than what you’re currently doing.

From some of the most scenic and nature loving places to the more crowded and bustling parts of the city; this is a city is full of surprises and will satisfy the quirks of the traveller in you.

1. Take a Bicycle Ride around the City

You must have heard that the best way to often see a place is to either walk through its streets. But better yet, in Chandigarh, they have an option of riding a bicycle to this glorious city. Due to its wide streets and planned roads, this is one of the best things to do in Chandigarh.

You can rent bicycles for 2 hours via Chandigarh Bicycle and see a few manicured gardens in and around the city along with the famous Sukhana Lake and in passing you can also see the legendary Punjab University Campus!

2. Ride a Bullet

It is probably one of the coolest things to do in Chandigarh because people there are passionate about their ‘bults’. It is, in fact, a very Punjabi thing to do. Must go for it!

3. Have fun at Blu-O Rhythm and Bowl, Elante Mall

The bowling alley at Elante Mall is one of the most fun things to do in Chandigarh for children as well as adults. It has some pretty exciting games that you can indulge yourselves in such as air hockey, foosball, F1 races and if you’re a gamer, the play station lounge should do it for you. Karaoke is another way to unwind and have a little bit of recreation with friends and family.

4. Enjoy Indoor and Outdoor activities at Kikar Lodge

This place has more than just adventure sports to add to your list of things to do in Chandigarh. It entails horse riding safaris, overnight camping trips, quad biking, archery, water polo and rappelling. If you’re not an outdoor person, there is something for you too; you can play games like table tennis, pool and carom.

5. Attend the Musical Fountain Show

The beautiful city of Chandigarh comes alive with this amazing fountain show that you can witness in sector 17, which elevates the charm of the already buzzing area. The multimedia laser light show happens every evening and is a treat to watch due to its amazing sound and laser coordination.

6. Timber Trail

You’ll wonder whether it’s a trekking place or some climbing gig but well, to be precise Timber Trail is a resort that can only be reached if you take a ropeway! Isn’t that an adventurous enough thing to do in Chandigarh, a bustling city?

The cable car takes you to the restaurant and pretty scenic view (though we cannot vouch for the food at the restaurant though) of the Panchkula and Shivalik Valley that we guarantee won’t be anything less than ecstatic!

7. Stroll at the Sukhana Lake

If you’re from Chandigarh or have been to Chandigarh, you would know that visiting the Sukhana Lake is a very touristy thing to do. For sure, many people will agree with me but sometimes you should just go with the flow.

You could take a boat ride or a shikara ride, enjoy feeding ducks or simply walk up to the Garden of Silence along the Sukhana shore and view the sun go down from the lake, indeed a soothing way to end your day of sightseeing.

8. Fun City Amusement Park

It is just like any other amusement park you must have been to (we won’t lie) but if you’re in the company of kids, then this amusement park should be on your list of things to do in Chandigarh!

You have water as well as non-water rides at your disposal and this is the place where you can unleash that child in you and go carefree and have some fun!

9. Fitness Trails

If you’re a morning person and also like to keep yourself fit (even on holidays) then this place is the best. Jogging through the trail also serves as an eye soother as it has seasonal flowers all over the place. What better way to start your day?

Even if you don’t wake up early or break a sweat here, it is yet posed as one of the incredible things to do in Chandigarh, not just for its scenic but also its architectural value.

10. Visit the Mohali Stadium

Just 8 km away from Chandigarh, this is a pitch every cricket fan must visit because it definitely brings back a lot of fan memories. If you’re an ardent cricket fan then this place has to be more than just on your list of ‘things to do’ in Chandigarh (you know what we mean, emotional attachments and all).

And, if you’re on a planned trip, make sure you adjust your time in tangent with the dates of the LIVE match. #FanMoments.



Things To Do at Sukhna Lake, Awesome Chandigarh

Have you ever visited Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh? We are sure that you might have! And we are also sure that you might have missed out on many or maybe a few of these awesome things to do at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh. People think that going to the lake is just about boating or maybe a walk. Folks, that’s not truEat at CITCO Cafeteriae. Check out this compilation and see how many of these things have you actually done on your visit to Sukhna Lake and you’ll know what to do on your next visit!

Boating at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

We had to start the list by the number 1 activity – Boating at Sukhna Lake. 2 types of peddle boats are available – 2 seater boats and 4 seater boats. Wearing a life jacket is compulsory. The charges for both these boats are different. There is a separate ticket counter from where you have to purchase the tickets in advance. You can opt for a 30 minute or a 1 hour session. The boating charges at Sukhna Lake are very nominal.

Go for a Shikara Ride

In Kashmir, Dal lake is famous for Shikaras. But now Chandigarh administration has added Shikaras to its boat fleet for Sukhna Lake. The charges of a Shikara are more as compared to paddle boat but if you love being driven by a professional in the traditional Shikara, then go for it!

Watch Le Carbouseur Sketches

If you are a true Chandigarhian, you might be knowing about Le Corbusier. Have you seen these sketches made by him? If you are still wondering where they are – look around to find them on your next visit and get clicked in front of these sketches.

Eat at CITCO Cafeteria

You will find the CITCO Cafeteria at Sukna Lake. There is inside and outside sitting space restaurant. You will find Indian foods here. Also here is special juices and popcorn counter for children.

Ride the bull

We are sure you might not have tried this. Well, if you love adventure and are ready to take the challenge, go for it. Sit on the bull, hold its horns and controll it if you can! I am sure you’ll be thrown away by the bull. But don’t worry, you’ll not get hurt.

Sit on the rock wall facing Sukhna Lake

You will easily get tired if you walk around Sukhna Lake. This short wall made of rocks runs from the start till the end of Sukhna lake shore. Find a calm place and sit on it facing the water.

Chandigarh is the best city to live

Chandigarh is Awesome and best city to live for many reasons. The roads are beautiful, full of shady trees. Their colors are lovely and can improve your mood greatly while driving.

Awesome Chandigarh Road

The food is awesome. There is great variety.

Awesome Chandigarh Food

Traffic laws are much better than the rest of India.

Awesome Chandigarh Traffic

The city is small, so you can get where you want without being very late. You will not be frustrated sitting in your car stuck in a jam.


Chandigarh is a perfect blend of modernization and ethnicity. There are Dhabas, restaurants, bistros, cafes, food courts, govt, hotels, university sasta cafes, boiled eggs on redis – all in the city.


Chandigarh is education Hub of north India, huge competitive exams institutes and other various universities.


Is Chandigarh the best place in India?

Chandigarh has ancient origins, as it was known to be home to the Harappan civilization

Awesome Chandigarh 1
Chandigarh is known as the first planned city in post-independence India

Awesome Chandigarh 2

The ‘Open Hand’ (official emblem) symbolizes peace and reconciliation

Awesome Chandigarh 3

In 2010, Chandigarh was reported to be the cleanest city in India

Awesome Chandigarh 4

In 2015, LG Electronics ranked Chandigarh as the happiest city in India over the happiness index

Awesome Chandigarh 6

Chandigarh tops the list of Indian States and Union Territories with the highest per capita income

Awesome Chandigarh 7

Recently BBC has also announced Chandigarh as the perfect city.

8 Reasons of Chandigarh why called “The City Beautiful”

Awesome Chandigarh is beautiful city to visit and here are the reasons, Chandigarh is one of the best cities to live in India.


  1. Clean City: Chandigarh is the cleanest and greenest city in India and will also become the country’s first solar city in 2016. A city and union territory of India and serves as the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab is the one of the finest city in India. Chandigarh, the home of Mata Chandi, is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Every road in the city runs through a stream of trees. Every market in every sector is provided with dustbins and there is a waste treatment plant in the outskirts of city. Sweepers take their job seriously and while driving to office at early morning you would see them working even in chills of winter.
  2. Well Planned City: One of the reasons why Chandigarh is so popular in India is for it is a well-planned city. After Albert Mayer, the master plan of the city was shaped by Le Corbusier. Thereafter, 3 heads of Chandigarh Capital Project Team took it to a next level and turned the map into reality. It is planned in such a way that residents will know what sector falls next, adjacent and opposite to which sector. The routing is very easy to follow.
  3. No Boring Weekends: If you decide to live in Chandigarh, you will not have a single boring weekend here. While there are several places to visit in the city itself, one can easily plan getaways given its proximity from hill stations like Kasauli, Solan, Shimla and more. The main attractions in the city itself are Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, The Open Hand monument, Garden of Silence, Leisure valley and not to forget, several malls.
  4. Beautiful Gardens & Parks: Every block of every sector in Chandigarh has an individual park which tells you that it is definitely a green city. Just imagine driving on a road with trees on both sides, it is a rare sight in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The parks and gardens are well maintained. Many of them even have musical fountains and swings for kids.
  5. Safe Nightlife: While girls are always scared to go out to discos and pubs in the happening cities like Delhi and Bangalore, Chandigarh is considered rather safe. There are several elite discotheques and pubs to enjoy the night life.
  6. Traffic Rules and Police: Chandigarh’s Traffic Police if one asset for the city. You will not spot anyone without helmet on a two-wheeler and without seat-belt in a four wheeler. The Chandigarh Police is very strict when it comes to the safety of its residents be it a man or a woman. Also, the crime rate in the city beautiful is very low.
  7. Transportation: The city is well connected to nearby places and mainly the tri-city including Panchkula and Mohali. It is notable that the city has the largest number of vehicles per capita. The ISBTs (Inter State Bus Terminals) are located in sector 17 and 43. The railway connectivity is also well established as the city falls in northern Railway Zone on the network. Also, commercial flights to major cities operate from Chandigarh Airport.
  8. Education Hub: Chandigarh become education hub for all academic and competitive exams, there are lot of IAS, UPSC, SSC, Bank PO  and other coaching institutes, Especially in Sectors 17, 34,  15, 20, 32 and 46.

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Zakir Hussain ” Rose Garden” Chandigarh

Chandigarh Rose Garden Good for Nature Lovers Wanderers Photo Fanatics.

Entry Fee : 50 per person.
Timings All days of the week: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Facilities : Cameras Allowed, Drinks, Mobile Phones Allowed, Parking, Washroom

Spread over thirty acres of land, the Rose Garden of Chandigarh, named Zakir Hussain Rose Garden has around fifty thousand rose bushes. There are around one thousand six hundred species of roses in that garden which is named after a former president of India, Zakir Hussain. It was created in the year 1967 and was built under Dr. M.S. Randhawa’s guidance who was the first chief commissioner of Chandigarh. It is one of the largest gardens in Asia and has numerous of trees with medicinal values along with roses. The medicinal plants like bahera, yellow gulmohar, bel, harar and camphor are there in the garden. The rose plans on the other side are planted in lawns and flower beds which are carved out beautifully.
The annual festival of gardens in held in the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden apart from other events which it hosts. This annual festival of garden is a cultural event which occurs in the month of March. Apart from the roses, other attractions which the Rose garden includes are food, drinks and photography and gardening contests along with several joyrides. They also have competitions which include bonsai, landscaping, rose prince and princess. The participants of these competitions are the residents of the nearby places and are at times of the nearby institutes.

History of Garden
The Rose Garden of Chandigarh is named after the former President of India, Zakhir Hussain in the year 1967. It was Dr. MS Randhawa who was the first chief Commissioner of Chandigarh and was also a Horticulturalist. This garden is spread over thirty acres of land and has around one thousand six hundred species of roses. The number of roses present in the garden are around fifty thousand in which a few of them have been named after Queen Elizabeth, John F. Kennedy and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The creator, MS Randhawa also has some of them in his name.

Major attractions at Dr. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Chandigarh In the month of February, the annual Chandigarh Rose Festival is held in the Rose Garden which is one of the National Calendar of Events. The Rose Garden has medicinal plants along with the roses. The main medicinal plans which are seen in the garden are bel, harar, yellow gulmohar, camphor and bahera.

How to reach Dr. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Chandigarh, Reaching Dr. Zakhir Hussain Rose Garden is extremely easy once you have reached Chandigarh. Getting a cab or Taxi from the airport, bus stand or railway station is not a difficult task as there are a lot of them who can take you there.
Chandigarh by Air
The city is connected to Delhi, Leh and Amritsar by Indian Airlines and Jet Airlines.
Contacts : Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh
Ph: 91-172-2659886, 5055901-02
Flight Enquiry: 0172-2656029 For Air timings
Chandigarh by Road
The Distance between Delhi and Chandigarh is just 243 Kilometers and it is only 264 kilometers when it comes to travelling to Chandigarh from Amritsar. The main national highways which connect to the city are NH21 and NH22. Getting a cab, taxi or any other mode of transport can take you to Chandigarh.
Chandigarh by Train
The city center of Chandigarh is at Sector 17 and from there; Chandigarh Railway Station is just 8 kilometers. The main trains which run in the Delhi-Chandigarh route are Shatabdi and Himalayan Queen. On the other hand, to reach Mumbai, you will have to take Paschim Express.