Seven Rules To Break When Job Hunting


Occasionally you need to cast aside conventional advice when trying to get noticed. Phones off! No phubbing in a job interview. Prepare like crazy cuz the struggle is real. Those are some rules to respect when looking for work. 

But is every guideline carved in stone? Not if you’re up for stepping outside the box sometimes. Especially when the job ad clearly says “Do (or don’t do) the following!” 

There’s some risk – and potential reward – when ignoring norms. Here’s seven and why to consider ‘em optional

1. Grab The First Acceptable Job 

Hunting down employment’s exhausting. Maybe you’re getting by on fumes. When a good enough prospect surfaces, waiting for better’s a gamble. That’s a bet you make, though, if trying to snare multiple offers. Takes luck and guts to cushion the ride.

2. Get The Offer Before Negotiating

Wait till the peak moment to bargain, you’re told. With an offer in hand, you’re all set. Except how much extra time was spent reaching this stage? If you’d heard this employer’s kinda rigid about haggling, and you know their bid won’t be adequate (which you’d find out if working with a recruiter), might as well blurt your bottom-line early else waste each other’s time.

3. Present Yourself As The Person They Want 

Catfishing’s for the hard up. Say a job ad wants someone outgoing who’s willing to stay late. You’re a quiet mouse with mini-mousies waiting feverishly at home. Faking you’re a fit might fool interviewers. After starting that job, as truth peeps out of its hole, your tail’s snapped in a trap.

4. Hide Your Health Issues 

Legally you don’t have to answer health q’s when interviewing. So if you’ve got a hidden medical condition, why reveal and give ‘em a chance to reject you unlawfully? Damned good question. Depends if the place is known for making accommodations, or is hiring those who need it. That’d sure create a trusting bond before starting. This alone might make it worth fessing-up.

5. Don’t Apply After The Deadline

Get real. If you’re a superstar applicant, a couple of days late means squat. They likely won’t even review resumes for a week or two minimum. Just in case, don’t press your luck with serial tardiness.

6. Assume The Best-Qualified Get Hired

Your nose in the air as a can’t-lose candidate? Maybe you really are the cat’s ass. Won’t matter much if you’re also a jerk, or can’t stop from coming off arrogant.

7. Spend Interviews Wowing Them About YOU

Interviews are a two-lane highway. While they’re sniffing you out, you’re trying to get under their hood. By focusing on yourself, you may neglect to establish rapport or leave time to ask crucial questions. Boast away for sure. Stay conscious it’s a discussion, not monologue.


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