Things To Do at Sukhna Lake, Awesome Chandigarh

Have you ever visited Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh? We are sure that you might have! And we are also sure that you might have missed out on many or maybe a few of these awesome things to do at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh. People think that going to the lake is just about boating or maybe a walk. Folks, that’s not truEat at CITCO Cafeteriae. Check out this compilation and see how many of these things have you actually done on your visit to Sukhna Lake and you’ll know what to do on your next visit!

Boating at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

We had to start the list by the number 1 activity – Boating at Sukhna Lake. 2 types of peddle boats are available – 2 seater boats and 4 seater boats. Wearing a life jacket is compulsory. The charges for both these boats are different. There is a separate ticket counter from where you have to purchase the tickets in advance. You can opt for a 30 minute or a 1 hour session. The boating charges at Sukhna Lake are very nominal.

Go for a Shikara Ride

In Kashmir, Dal lake is famous for Shikaras. But now Chandigarh administration has added Shikaras to its boat fleet for Sukhna Lake. The charges of a Shikara are more as compared to paddle boat but if you love being driven by a professional in the traditional Shikara, then go for it!

Watch Le Carbouseur Sketches

If you are a true Chandigarhian, you might be knowing about Le Corbusier. Have you seen these sketches made by him? If you are still wondering where they are – look around to find them on your next visit and get clicked in front of these sketches.

Eat at CITCO Cafeteria

You will find the CITCO Cafeteria at Sukna Lake. There is inside and outside sitting space restaurant. You will find Indian foods here. Also here is special juices and popcorn counter for children.

Ride the bull

We are sure you might not have tried this. Well, if you love adventure and are ready to take the challenge, go for it. Sit on the bull, hold its horns and controll it if you can! I am sure you’ll be thrown away by the bull. But don’t worry, you’ll not get hurt.

Sit on the rock wall facing Sukhna Lake

You will easily get tired if you walk around Sukhna Lake. This short wall made of rocks runs from the start till the end of Sukhna lake shore. Find a calm place and sit on it facing the water.


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