Chandigarh is the best city to live

Chandigarh is Awesome and best city to live for many reasons. The roads are beautiful, full of shady trees. Their colors are lovely and can improve your mood greatly while driving.

Awesome Chandigarh Road

The food is awesome. There is great variety.

Awesome Chandigarh Food

Traffic laws are much better than the rest of India.

Awesome Chandigarh Traffic

The city is small, so you can get where you want without being very late. You will not be frustrated sitting in your car stuck in a jam.


Chandigarh is a perfect blend of modernization and ethnicity. There are Dhabas, restaurants, bistros, cafes, food courts, govt, hotels, university sasta cafes, boiled eggs on redis – all in the city.


Chandigarh is education Hub of north India, huge competitive exams institutes and other various universities.



Author: awesomechandigarh

Hi, we have created this page for Chandigarh's information and daily activities. FB Page : Awesome Chandigarh

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